Why You Need To Use A Heat Protectant!

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When you’re rushing to get ready in the morning and styling your hair isn’t exactly your priority, you may find yourself skipping out on an important step: heat protectant! The thing is, bypassing heat protectant could wreak havoc on your strands, including resulting in damaged hair. Not cool! So, if you’re blow-drying or flat ironing your hair, it’s a good idea to take a couple of extra seconds to apply a few quick spritzes of heat protectant spray or a small amount of heat protectant oil before styling. Want to know why? Here, we explain why using heat protection products should be part of your regular hairstyling routine.



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Real talk: When you expose your hair to heat every time you style your hair, it can lead to damage. The heat can dry out your strands, lead to split ends and breakage, and make your hair look dull, among other issues. But we get it—heat styling isn’t always avoidable! The good news is, by applying a heat protectant and being smart about how you use your hot tools, you can help prevent heat damage in the first place. It only takes a couple of extra seconds to apply, and the protection that a hair heat protectant offers is well worth the extra time it’ll tack onto your routine.




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Okay, we think we covered this question with our glowing recommendation to use heat protective sprays and creams, but we see it asked a lot, so we wanted to make sure you knew: heat protectant isn’t bad for your hair. In fact, it helps prevent damage, which sounds pretty good to us! 

  • Heat protectants smoothen the cuticles of your hair shaft, making your hair less porous and, therefore, less prone to frizzing up in humidity
  • It restores moisture to your hair. Your hair is constantly thirsty for moisture. Using a protectant, especially before you heat style your hair, will keep your hair conditioned despite the heat
  • It prevents moisture loss by adding a protective layer on top of your hair shaft. This makes your hair less likely to lose moisture through the day because of factors like dehydration, heat, and a dry environment
  • It makes your hair more manageable by lubricating it, which means that your hair is easier to detangle and great to touch.



Heat protectants add a barrier between your styling tool and your hair, sealing in moisture and fending off frizz. They also work to smooth the cuticle, making your hair look smooth and feel soft.

Can a few quick spritzes—or a dollop, for that matter—of heat protectant really make a difference? Yes! Heat protectant does work, assuming you use it correctly. Hair protectants often work to protect hair from temperatures as high as 450 degrees. Make sure your heat tools aren’t exceeding the temperature that your product can defend it against, and you should see that your heat protectant works.


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